About Us

Three local residents brought the historic "Poor Red's" back to life in 2016! The Genovese Brothers, Mike and Jeff welcomed aboard Mike Hountalas, (owner of The Purple Place) to begin an adventure in renovating Poor Reds.

For almost 70 years people came from all over California to enjoy 3 things at Poor Red's, great bbq, their famous Golden Cadillac cocktail, and great company. "In 1999 Galliano proclaimed Poor Red's as the largest consumer in the world- responsible for 3% of the American Market." The three partners worked hard to negotiate the purchase of Poor Red's along with the property, the buildings, and the business name. The restaurant has been closed and was in need of desperate renovation.

Poor Red's is located in the town of El Dorado on Pleasant Valley Road at Highway 49. Originally constructed as a weigh station for Wells Fargo, it previously operated under the name Kelly's Bar from 1927 until 1945. Poor Red won the bar in a game of dice, and he and his wife and bookkeeper Rich Opal took it. The murals currently on the walls of Poor Red's were installed in the 1940's. They depict former employees and patrons, including their dog, which used to sit out front. It is rumored his dog ran for office, but he lost.

Mike Genovese, his wife Barbara of 27 years, and two kids Tommy, 23 and Nikki, 20 have lived in Sacramento since before marriage. Mike, founder of Genovese, Burford & Brothers, felt that reviving the iconic "Poor Red's" would not only be an exciting adventure, but also a great feast for the locals who have grown up with many exciting life passages at Poor Red's.